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Top Ten States with the Highest Grocery Bills

This is one “Top Ten” list that South Carolina doesn’t want to be on, but we are.  In fact, we’re in second place.  We share this dubious honor with states like Hawaii and Alaska that have high delivery costs, but we don’t have that excuse. selected ingredients for a simple dinner for a family of four: chicken breasts, potatoes, apples and milk. The average nationwide cost for this meal is about $15 but in SC the cost is $24.11.  The primary issues in South Carolina are availability and access, compounded by poverty.

Grocery companies build stores in large metropolitan areas, leaving many small towns and rural areas (much of South Carolina) without close-by stores to purchase healthy food.  It is common for people in these “Food Deserts” to have to travel 10, 20 or more miles to find a full-service market with a wide selection of fresh produce.  Lack of public transportation compounds the problem.  Finally, Jasper and Hampton Counties have wide levels of deep poverty for a host of reasons not readily overcome.

The problems of hunger and poverty are complex and there are no easy solutions. For many people in our service area, Second Helpings is essential to their getting enough food.  We are always looking for ways to improve our service.  Any suggestions, ideas, or help you can offer would be appreciated.

Click on the link to read the full article about the Top Ten List.

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