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Town of Port Royal declares September 11, 2019 as Food Donation Recognition Day

In recognition of September Hunger Action Month, towns in Beaufort, Hampton and Jasper counties were invited to join Second Helpings to recognize the amazing contributions made very day by grocery stores across our communities.
The first recognition took place this evening when the Honorable Mayor Samuel E. Murray of The Town of Port Royal and his civic-minded council proclaimed September 11, 2019, FOOD DONATION RECOGNITION DAY.  On hand to accept the proclamation was volunteer Steve Curless and Second Helpings’ Beaufort Coordinator Kelley Eby.

The proclamation will be shared with the food donors in and near the town of Port Royal. Kudos to the Town of Port Royal for recognizing the contributions made every day by the grocery retailers in their town.

40 percent of the food produced in our country goes to waste.  Because of the partnership between Second Helpings, the only agency that rescues food in our community, and local grocery stores, who work hard to get the outdated food to the back of the stores, food is being rescued.  Our 340 volunteers load hundreds of pounds of perfectly good food onto eight refrigerated trucks every day and delivers the food, the same day, to 57 local food pantries and soup kitchens.

Second Helpings, a LOCAL agency, working with LOCAL businesses, helping  LOCAL people in need, and preventing LOCAL food waste, that hurts our LOCAL environment.


Second Helpings
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