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Take a Chance to Win a Trip to Portugal in Support of Second Helpings – 20 days remain

You will slow down and enjoy a new life experience if you win the trip to Portugal’s Algarve Coast sponsored by Second Helpings and one generous donor who is offering up their two-bedroom condo. Plus, $2,000 is included for travel expenses.

Only 300 tickets at $100 provide unbelievable odds and support food rescue in the Lowcountry–now through November 20. The winner will be announced on the evening of November 21.

Simplicity is in the soul of Algarve cuisine, along with local seafood so fresh it still tastes of the sea. The nearby stone-carved coast is dotted with a rich variety of authentic regional restaurants and geological natural sites to see.

Be prepared to taste the sea, feel the breeze, smell salty air and gaze upon the most southernmost Portugal Algarve Coast.

To enter visit Second Helpings’ Portugal Raffle visit call the Second Helpings’ office at 843-689-3689. This sleepy fishing village awaits your arrival.

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