Ask Marcus!!

Q. Why is Second Helpings making changes to routes?  What can we expect will happen?

A.  One of our core values is Integrity – ensuring a fair, safe, and equitable distribution of food to our recipient agencies and the public.  We have been working with our agencies to understand how many people they serve, and with Feeding America data to pinpoint the locations of greatest need.

It is also important to us that we don’t make the truck routes longer; in many cases, routes may take a little less time to complete.

We are holding Agency Conferences in September to explain any increase or decrease in the amount of food agencies will be receiving going forward.  We will begin making changes to routes and drop-off amounts in October.  Crews will be provided a target percentage of a full truck load to be dropped off at each agency, for each day’s route.

We fully expect to learn and adjust along the way.  Please keep your area coordinator – Paula or Madeline – informed of any issues you encounter and suggestions you may have.

Please keep the questions coming…just send Marcus an email at