Ask Marcus!!!

Q. Does Second Helpings have all of the necessary safety equipment in all of our vehicles?

A. There are federal regulations regarding mandatory safety equipment for trucks.  This includes a fire extinguisher, a set of three triangle safety reflectors, and fuses.  Although not required, we have purchased this equipment for the van as well.

A recent inspection of all of our vehicles revealed that this equipment is secured and in good working order except for one missing triangle reflector set, and two fire extinguishers which were on the verge of replacement.  These items have been replaced.

Beyond the required safety equipment, Second Helpings trucks are also equipped with first aid kits, ponchos, and back support braces.  In addition, safety “Goody Bags” have been added to all vehicles. These include safety reflective vests, reflective gloves, and essential tools.

The trucks are also equipped with battery booster boxes, in case the truck battery runs down.  They are located behind the seats in the cab or in the back of the truck.

Speaking of safety, it has been proven that drivers have the best control of the truck when driven within the posted speed limits.  While our trucks are smaller than many, they still need to be driven with additional care and attention. This is particularly true when it comes to braking.  Clearly, their braking distances are longer than pickups and cars.  Please drive with care.