Volunteer Newsletter: Agency Visits – Entering the Home Stretch!

Agency visits – entering the home stretch! We planned to visit all 54 of our agencies by the end of the summer, and are about 80% there.  Madeline, Paula and Marcus are proud of the agencies’ many stories of gratitude towards Second Helpings and you, our volunteers.  You can read about some of these visits on our website.

As you know, rescued food is both precious and finite.  One of our organization’s core values is ensuring a fair, safe, and equitable distribution of food to our recipient agencies and the public. As part of our visits, we gained an understanding of each agency’s operations, how our drop-off days align with their food distribution days, and how many people they serve.

At each agency visit, “we explained that we might be making some adjustments to ensure that we are bringing the right amount of food that every agency needs,” said Marcus Tanner.  “They were understanding and supportive of this concept.  At the end of the day, we are all focused on feeding as many hungry people as possible.”

We expect to make several adjustments to our routes and drop-off amounts later this year to better serve our agencies.  I promise that any adjustments to your route will be carefully planned and well-communicated, well in advance.

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