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Q.  I see that volunteers need to maintain their own auto insurance.  Why is that?

A. When you’re driving your personal vehicle as a volunteer, your auto insurance is your primary coverage.  Second Helpings provides primary insurance coverage when you’re operating our trucks or van.  If you’re in an accident in a Second Helpings vehicle, our insurance will cover accidental injuries and damages up to our policy limits, which are equal to or greater than that of similar organizations.


This is why we require volunteers be at least 18 years of age and maintain a valid driver’s license and an active automobile liability insurance policy, as required by law, at all times.


Q. What happened to the scales that were in the trucks?


A. They have been moved behind the seats in the cab.  Please feel free to use them whenever you see fit (for training purposes, for unusually-sized boxes, etc.); however, their use is not required.


Q. Sometimes we receive non-food items (pet food, grooming products).  How should we account for those items in Homeplate?


A. We do not include the weights of these items in our totals.  However, we do our best to ensure that these products go to where they can be used.

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