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The Island News: Second Helpings

Since 1992, Second Helpings — a nonprofit charitable food distribution project — has been committed to fighting hunger in Beaufort County.

The recognizable trucks are on the roads seven days a week, rescuing food that would have been discarded from area grocery stores and redistributing it to area agencies and churches that serves the disadvantaged countywide.

Last year, Second Helpings was designated a “Charity Angel” by the SC Secretary of State. The group dedicates at least 80 percent of the money raised toward their core mission of rescuing food; very few charities can say that.

In December, Maureen Korzik became the executive director of Second Helpings, and she is working hard to continue the great work already accomplished by the organization, in addition to updating their technology and getting the word out about the important role the group plays in the community.

A self-described “Jersey girl,” Maureen said, “I oversee the day to day operations of Second Helping. That means I do whatever needs being done — manager, fundraiser,  agency relations, marketing and chief bottle washer.”

Maureen loves the ever-changing challenges of the job. “My first week of work, we got a call from Walmart telling us they needed us to pick up five pallets of bananas by the next day!,” she recalled. “Or this past December, Publix called on a Thursday at 5 p.m. and said they had a tractor trailer worth of food from their Christmas food drive (about 16,000 pounds) we needed to pick up by the next day. Our volunteers did it!”

Read Full Article Online Here At The Island News  (Posted April 17, 2014)

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