Mission Statement:

Our mission is to alleviate hunger by excelling in the ongoing development and management of a distribution channel between food donors and charitable food providers.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to be the premier local organization dedicated to alleviating hunger in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Core Values

Collaboration– We will work together with our network members (food donors and recipient agencies), to provide food to as many people as possible in the SC Lowcountry.

Volunteers – We recognize that our volunteers are our most important asset and will support them in any way possible so that they can fulfill our mission of rescuing food.

Safety – The safety of our volunteers and employees is paramount and we will do whatever it takes to provide an accident-free workplace.

Reliability – There should be no reason other than safety of our volunteers that prevents us from picking up and delivering the food.

Integrity -We will work to ensure a fair, safe, and equitable distribution of food to our recipient agencies and the public.

Empowerment– By providing food to people in need, we are giving them stability and a chance at a successful and more fulfilling life.

Stewardship– We will effectively and responsibly manage the financial resources given us by our fiscal donors.

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