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Update from Second Helpings

Second Helpings Response to COVID-19

Questions: Are Second Helpings’ volunteers still rescuing food?

Answer: Yes, we have modified our pick-up schedule slightly and we expect to be back on our normal schedule next week.

Question: What steps are being taken to protect your volunteers?

Answer: The volunteers are keeping their social distance, they have sanitation wipes supplied by Sam’s Club and they are wiping down the inside cab area. In some cases, they are also following the truck in their car to keep distance and there are only two people in each cab.

Question: What kinds of food are Second Helpings’ volunteers rescuing?

Answer: We continue to visit the receiving areas of our local grocery stores and pick up whatever they have available. We are receiving about 20 percent of our normal amount.

Question: Do you expect to be able to rescue more food next week?

Answer: We are hearing that the supply is growing and we hope to see more food donations next week.

Question: How are your volunteers reacting to COVID-19?

Answer: Our volunteers are amazing. We do have some who have decided to curtail their volunteer time due to their health or the health of someone in their household. We respect that decision. Our first priority is their health and well being.

Question: What is your immediate plan to provide food to your agencies?

Answer: We have allocated funding from our budget to purchase two weeks of non-perishables from the Lowcountry Food Bank and provide that inventory to our partner agencies. We expect to have that food delivered by the end of next week.

Question: Are restaurants donating food?

Answer: Yes, but in small quantities as of now. Their supply of food is being used to offer carryout orders. We expect donations to grow from restaurants if this shutdown continues for longer than two weeks.

Question: How can your agency partners help?

Answer: The agency leaders can be vigilant in making sure people who need food receive food. If a client has food at home, we are encouraging the client to free up the food for a recently displaced worker who is now out of a job or others who need food.

Questions: How many displaced workers are there in our market?

Answer: We estimate over 40,000 people are currently out of a job. Many of these jobs pay minimum wages.

Question: Is your staff working?

Answer: We have one full-time staff person and three part-time employees. We are all working but we do try to work from home when possible to lessen our exposure to the public.

Question: Is Second Helping collecting non-perishables?

Answer: Yes, we have positioned three trucks throughout the community. One truck is on Hilton Head Island in our office parking lot at 4 Northridge Drive. Another truck is near the community center in Sun City. The third truck is at Grayco Hardware parking lot in Beaufort. Every day the food collected in these trucks will be shared with partner agencies. We are being careful to make sure those in the most need are the recipients of this food.

Question: What about the larger agencies who are receiving donations both in products and funds?

Answer: We ask that agencies spend the funds they raise for this cause first and when they have depleted those funds, contact us to receive more food.

Question: If a person needs food do they have to register?

Answer: Yes but it is simple. We just need to know who they are, how many in the family, where they live and why they need food. This will help us prevent abuse. If someone needs food because they are out of work, they can just visit one of our partner agencies during their distribution times.

Question: How can I find out what those distribution times are for getting food?

Answer: Call your neighborhood food pantry or check their website. If you can’t find the answer, contact Second Helpings by calling 843-689-3689. We also have a list on our website at under Our Food Network.

Question: Do you think you might have to shut down?

Answer: We are not planning on shutting down at this time. Staff and volunteers are working hard to help feed our neighbors.

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